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    Angelus Chronodato Question

    I have an Angelus Chronodato that is a little unique. It looks like all the pictures of Chronodato's that I've seen on the Internet with one small difference. It doesn't say Chronodato underneath the Angelus logo like all the other ones I've seen. The movement seems to be the usual Chronodato movement but I don't know what calibre it is. I'm curious if this may say something about the date it was made, it was my dads watch and I am assuming that he more than likely got it when he was in Germany in the mid 50s, but I'm not certain of that.

    Also, is there any info on this watch as far as servicing it, I've taken it apart enough to clean the case and the dial and discovered a broken spring that holds one of the date dials centered and in place. I've successfully disassembled less complicate movements and cleaned and oiled them but would like more info on this before proceeding.

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    Re: Angelus Chronodato Question

    You deserve a response to your questions and I am not the one to do so. I know only that the 1945+ Angelous in 6 different models is a fine chronograph. It seems like you deserve the best book available for chronographs by my watchmaker hero Gerd Lang of Chronoswiss. It includes mechanism details for all varieties of Swiss with assembly information. Titled simply Chronograph Wriistwatches. Pub. by Schiffer. It is also a fine catalog of nearly all w.w. chronos made in fine detail including his collection the best of all. Not cheap.

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