Another new arrival - this is getting embarrassing

Thread: Another new arrival - this is getting embarrassing

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    Another new arrival - this is getting embarrassing

    As most of you know I was originally looking to buy a Cal.321 from 1965 (my birth year). Then I got a copy of 'A Time Capsule - Omega Speedmaster' and fell in love with the MKII with the exotic dial.

    I found one that needed a bit of TLC from Watchco in Australia (many thanks guys) and then deliberated whether to send it to Bienne for a full restoration or not. After reading all the posts that came in when I asked the question here and elsewhere, I decided to go for it.

    The watch was sent off on the 3rd of February and a week or so later I got an emailed estimate with a breakdown of the cost, complete with what was essential and what was optional. As I had gone to a lot of trouble finding the watch, bothering a lot of very kind knowledgable people (that's you lot BTW ) and sending it off I ticked all the boxes and faxed over my now trembling credit card details. The work was estimated to take about 5 weeks from my approval, so then I just had to be patient (not my forte) and wait.

    Well today the wait is over, the postie knocked at about 9.30 with a package from Switzerland. I've been having a great time over the last few days, my birthday on Thursday, Friday off work and taking delivery of a lovely Tissot Seastar Navigator and today this, it doesn't get much better I can tell you.

    Enough of my ramblings, here's some pics of the watch before and after, you can form your own opinions I'm sure, needless to say I'm very happy



    If anyone is deliberating whether the cost of an Omega service/restoration is worth it, hopefully the pics will convince you. The bill for my Speedie came to £295 all in, that includes a full disassemble and rebuild service, new dial and handset, new crystal, new crown and pushers, what looks like half the movement (I asked for all the replaced parts), a full pressure test and a 2 year warranty, oh and not forgeting an Omega, glasses style, case. So all in all I think that's pretty good value for money.

    Dissapointments. Only 2 things, they can't guarantee the water resistance of the watch because of the case condition and age and they didn't replace the engraved clasp on the bracelet. Nothing that concerns me too greatly TBH.

    So there you go, this is so far, my most expensive watch and restoration project and was supposed to stop me from buying watches for a while (the agreement with the missus was 6 months). Can't say it worked but hey I've got another beautiful watch that, touch wood, will be rise in value and will be trouble free for 5 years or so.

    Thanks for reading, all comments are gratefully received as always and if anyone wants to know more just get in touch.

    Cheers from a very happy,


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    That watch looks brand new . Amazing Work! From another 1965er Happy Birthday!

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    Re: Another new arrival - this is getting embarrassing

    Hi -

    How ... absolutely extraordinary.

    Now **that's** a restoration. Thanks for the before and after shots: what a difference that makes!

    Congratulations on such an amazing beauty. And yes, I think that *anyone* wondering whether or not to use the official Omega restoration services should be completely convinced by these pictures.

    Wear that one in health and happiness, a hat tip to the missus for being understanding, and kudos to you: fantastic.

    コスト下げ やる気も一緒に 下げられる

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    Re: Another new arrival - this is getting embarrassing

    Absolutely wonderful, I have had a one Omega done at Bienne and they are wonderful. My Chronoquartz 'Albatross' was done there.

    I am currently working on the same Omega you have and have secured NOS hands, crystal and dial. The pushers and crown were regasketed by me as well as the case back.

    The movement has been serviced and the micrograining was done here. Just waiting for the movement and then I will install and reassemble the entire watch.

    Hoping it looks as good as yours!


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    Re: Another new arrival - this is getting embarrassing



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