Another odd combo on a watch Elgin and Doxa?

Thread: Another odd combo on a watch Elgin and Doxa?

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    Another odd combo on a watch Elgin and Doxa?

    So after asking about that Helbros with the fake Rolex dial yesterday, I now have another oddball watch to ask about. This one I think I know what happened but wanted to ask to make sure.

    It's an Elgin watch with a Swiss movement (AS ST 1803/2). I know that this was done by Elgin from the 1940s until they closed so not worried about that (though if anyone knows more about this movement, would appreciate hearing what you know. I couldn't find much info when I Googled it). I tried to take photos but it's dark here already and my phone's camera keeps insisting on using flash which ruins the photos. Perhaps in the morning.

    Anyway, what's odd is that the back says Doxa. I'm assuming that the Doxa back was just added accidentally (or maybe deliberately) by a jeweler or previous owner at some point in the life of the watch either because they were servicing a Doxa at the time and made a mistake or because the original back was either damaged or lost and they added this back instead to replace it. Am I correct in assuming Doxa never made any movements for Elgin and that the back is meaningless? Thanks for any info.

    The watch does seem to be keeping good time and the movement looks to be in excellent shape. Thanks,



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    Re: Another odd combo on a watch Elgin and Doxa?

    That's about it, I'd say. Only that I suspect that someone had an Elgin with a trashed case and a Doxa with a trashed movement and/or dial+hands and decided to do a merger. In other words: Frankenwatch.

    In case you are worried, I'd say if you like the watch, continue to wear it. Even if both original watches were still in their original state, they would not be worth an excessive amount.

    Hartmut Richter

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    Re: Another odd combo on a watch Elgin and Doxa?

    It wasn't very expensive so not worried about it (I think around $30 or so). And it does happen to be a very lovely watch. Nice addition to my collection I think.

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