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    antique ladies watch questions

    i have a ladies watch that i can't find any information about and would like to know anything that anyone else might know. The watch case is silver in color and has a clear stone diamond or crystal maybe and 2 blue stones one above one below crystal on front sides and a blue dome shaped stone on end of winder(sorry don't know real term for it)inside it says plat-ornmt k&n watch movement z.perrenoud&co. swiss seventeen jewels two2adj and band i think says hadley 1-20-12kgf patent1966063 and the watch face only says swiss on it. I have tried myself to find something out about it and haven't came up with much other then it might be from the 1920's because of the braided and scroll work on the case and the squared off oval shape. If anyone could help me out it would be great. here are a few pics of the watch
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    Re: antique ladies watch questions

    All the info you need is probably contained in this thread:

    Well, not quite. The maker is the same, the exact movement specifications differ (compare the plate and bridge layout).

    Good luck!

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    Re: antique ladies watch questions

    I agree it's likely from the 1920s. It has an art deco look to the case. The movement is pretty good quality. I have seen Z. Perrenoud movements before but I don't know much about the company.
    Hadley is a US manufacturer so the strap is American 12 karat gold filled. The case sounds Swiss though.

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