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    Antique Longines Questions....

    Hi - first off, pls forgive any gaffs I make as I am a newbie watch collector! Thanks to 'Watchbreath' for advice on which forum to post this on.

    Today I received my Longines antique watch, recently purchased from Canada. I love it - and it seems to be everything I had hope for . I have done some research but still have a couple of issues that I would like to learn. I have attached 3 views of: face, case and inner workings.

    The watch seems to have been made between 1944-1946 (6924653), depending on which lists I read. But while researching the case, I've hit a brick wall. It has 14ct (0.585) gold marks, a serial number of 6881402, "LR694" and "LR272" etched into the case and a graphic motif which looks like "AB". I thought it was Baume & Co but have seen no other mark similar to this one.

    By the way, the mucky looking stuff is just grease etc, not corrosion! I think the watch needs a clean and service.

    So, to the point: I would be extremely grateful for any info the experts could provide about the case and its manufacturer and also any info on the inner watch working pattern/series.

    Many thanks! Ian

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    Re: Antique Longines Questions....

    Cases are far less researched than movements. Their serial numbers can not be related to year of manufacture for most. And the 'inscriptions' found inside the caseback are scratched by random watchmakers using their own codes.

    But gold hallmarks can often identify the country of origin, purity, and often the gold foundry. Verbal descriptions are not as useful as closeup pictures.

    You have a wonderful looking minimalist dial -- I would have thought it later than the end of WWII but bauhaus design does start in the 20s.

    In horology I associate "antique" with obsolete technologies. This watch only lacks an automatic winding system from being modern!! More detail in the movement pic and we can tell you the actual movement designation.

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    Re: Antique Longines Questions....

    Welcome!! Awesome looking watch!!

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    Re: Antique Longines Questions....

    That is a very nice watch - very clean, classy, look to it.
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    Please don't PM me to ask for a valuation - I won't attempt one.

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