Any information on the Crusader brand?

Thread: Any information on the Crusader brand?

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    Any information on the Crusader brand?

    Is anyone familiar with the history of the 'Crusader' watch company? From what limited information I have been able to find they seem to have made watches (wrist and travel/pocket watches) between WWI and the sometime shortly after WWII, primarily for the UK market. I am speculating they were a contemporary of Rolex, having the case manufactured in England (by Adie Brothers Ltd?) with the movement and dial purchased from a Swiss supplier. The movements typically had Crusader etched into the ratchet gear with one or more stars.

    The watch in question is hallmark stamped at 1937 from the Birmingham Assay Office. The dial is labeled Hamilton & Co LTD, Calcutta (no relation to the American watch brand, rather a famous Jeweler in India). Again based on limited research I am speculating Hamilton's UK purchasing agent acquired the watch from Crusader with a custom labeled dial for export to India. I have found a few similar examples of the same watch with the Crusader name in the top rectangular area and no text on the dial face.

    Regarding the image of the movement, it is after a recent cleaning by the good folks at RGM Watch Co. of Lancaster P.A. I think they did a great job.
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    Re: Any information on the Crusader brand?

    Well whoever they were they sure used a good quality movement.

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    Re: Any information on the Crusader brand?

    There appears to be a piece about the brand in the Horological Journal vol 109 of 1966.

    see Horological journal - Google Books

    where it states that Crusader was, indeed, a subsidiary of Adie Brothers.

    Adie Brothers Ltd Silversmith | Antique Silver

    Adie Brothers Ltd
    Frederick Street
    1902 - 1962

    This United States Horological Trademark ... - Google Books

    says the Crusader brand was filed (in the US) in 1933 having been used since 1929.

    Mikrolisk - was Feines fr die Tasche... - Das Informationsportal rund um die Taschenuhr!

    shows it as registered brand from 28.11.1929

    There's more here: TZ-UK • View topic - Quick intro and Crusader question

    including an old ad.

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    Re: Any information on the Crusader brand?

    Can't help with info. but what a neat piece. Is this some kind of cased travel clock/watch? Any chance of some more pictures showing the overall case and how it presents? Again, very cool...I like it alot.

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    Re: Any information on the Crusader brand?

    I am very late in responding but better late then never. Thank you Marrick for the information. It validates the hallmark information I was able to decipher. I would never of thought to search Google books for trademark information.

    I have since found several mentions to the Crusader brand on other forums but your information seems to be the maximum of what is out there. I would love to know the movement supplier but I am guessing that is a near impossible task due to the lack of markings along with WWII, subsequent business years and the quartz crisis remaking the Swiss watch industry. I have found a circular example of a crusader watch movement (which could be from a completely different supplier then my cushion style movement) with the Maryls Watch Factories imprint but there seems to be no information at all on that company:
    Click image for larger version.

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    Here are a few more pictures of my Crusader travel watch (with the Hamilton & Co. India branding) for those interested. Gene Stone has a brief write up on this style watch ('Travel Watch Collection) - 'These watches, never mass produced, and often created only as a one-off on special order, were known by various names: They were most often called travel watches, sports watches, golf watches, and purse watches.'

    Click image for larger version.

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    Click image for larger version.

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