Any Ricoh expert in this Forum? I need help...

Thread: Any Ricoh expert in this Forum? I need help...

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    Any Ricoh expert in this Forum? I need help...

    Hi guys,
    first of all I have to excuse for my english since I´m not a native speaking english person. But I hope you will all understand my problem.

    Currently I´m looking for a nice Vintage watch. The big problem is they´r so expensive I cannot afford em or they´r too small for my wrist and my understanding of asthetics.
    While I was surfing around I found those beautiful Ricoh Worldtimer watches. They somehow remember me of the Enicar Sherpa watches which I liked from day one in the watch game :)

    Anyway, I was trying to do my usual background Information check like getting to know something about the brand, when it was produced, which varietys are there and that kind of stuff.
    I did not found a lot of informations. Anything I know now is that Ricoh was a Japanese company, and that there are people who claim that a lot of those Ricoh Worldtimers ether Fake or Reproduction.

    Are here people who are maybe Ricoh collectors, experts or in general have expertise on Ricoh watches?
    I really need help in deciding and choosing the correct Ricoh Worldtimer. Are those "Fakes" maybe just titled as Fakes because in those I dont know 20 years of production they changed the design a little and someone on the Internet just says they are Fakes because he has never seen the new designs at his retailer? Or maybe they are Frankensteins from leftover parts? Or really all Ricoh Worldtimer on the Internet you can get are Fakes?

    So if you have some expertise in those Worldtimers, or know someone who has it or can get me some evidence based information I would be really grateful.

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