Anybody seen one of these?

Thread: Anybody seen one of these?

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    Question Anybody seen one of these?

    Hey there I'm new here. I was trying to find any information on this pendant watch I had. Googling "Sprifu" turned up nothing; I was surprised. Have you seen anything like this?:thanks
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    Re: Anybody seen one of these?

    Hi -

    First of all, welcome to WUS and the Vintages forum! Hope your stay here is extended and enjoyable...

    Hmmm. The name is bizarre, the watch - or whatever it is - is just as bizarre. Good quality movement, though, at 17 jewels.

    I'm guessing - and it is a guess - is that a plaything for what passed for executive desks sometime in the 1960s, a jeweled ball that could be rolled around the desk but actually had a purpose. 'tis an oddity, to put it mildly...

    Thanks for posting: anyone else have any ideas? Picture of the movement wouldn't hurt...

    コスト下げ やる気も一緒に 下げられる

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    Re: Anybody seen one of these?

    I recently purchased several odd watches including a ball shaped watch. The names on several dials were just that, a name of the watch. Once I looked at the movements though all were relatively rare swiss brands. I don't know if this is the case but I hope it helps.

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    Re: Anybody seen one of these?

    Wow !! nice and interesting pendant watch
    I agree with John F that would be nice to see "the guts" , if it´s possible of course!!

    Of the Sprifu brand I´m completely clueless!!!

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