Anyone familiar with this watch? Kingston 17J

Thread: Anyone familiar with this watch? Kingston 17J

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    Anyone familiar with this watch? Kingston 17J

    So I picked this little gem up recently based solely on it's aesthetics and wondered if anyone knows anything about it? The face simply reads "Kingston" "17 Jewels" and the movement reads "17 Jewels", no additional markings. The case back has that cool crest logo and "Super-Flat Base Metal" inscribed upon it. Sorry for the crappy movement pics but can anyone make it out?

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    Re: Anyone familiar with this watch? Kingston 17J

    All I can tell you is that the movement was made by A.Schild and it appears that the case has been designed to give the best impression of thinness on the wrist in spite of the rather thick movement. Interestingly, the reason why the movement is so fat is because it is intended to have a centre second hand, which appears to be missing on your watch. Or maybe it was deleted to make the watch thinner which case they could have used a thinner movement. A bit odd that.
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    Re: Anyone familiar with this watch? Kingston 17J

    Well, there was a "Kingston Watch Company" that used the word "Kingston" as a trademark; they operated from at least 1939 until at least 1957 (the date of the last trademark registration I can find). The USPTO further shows a "Kingston" trademark owned by the "American Time Corporation", registered in 1963 (which is more in line with the style of this watch). That company merged with the "World Wide Watch Co." in 1972 to become the "World Wide American Time Company". They didn't renew the trademark after that.
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    Re: Anyone familiar with this watch? Kingston 17J

    The movement is an Adolf Schild Cal. AS 1240 or derivative, which was quite small (19.4mm) which explains the small movement in the large case. Why they didn't use a larger movement and why they dropped the centre seconds, I have no idea!

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