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Thread: Anyone heard of a Rone 'Motorist'

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    Re: Anyone heard of a Rone 'Motorist'

    Quote Originally Posted by Pj.....o5 View Post
    I've had this in the drawer for a while.. its in need of a winding stem, crown and service.. One day I will get it fixed.
    It has a movable bezel which states parking trip. I can only imagine it's to let you know when to start running back as the traffic warden puts a ticket on your car, even though it's only 5 seconds pass the expiry time (I'm not bitter).
    I've never heard of the model - motorist???.. Has anyone else?...

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    Hi pj, it looks like you can set the bezel just like a divers watch, only in this case you don't run out of dive time, just run out of breath in a hurry to get to your car before the meter maid!

    Great looking watch, probably from the mid- late 60's.
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    Re: Anyone heard of a Rone 'Motorist'

    Cool pieces...check mine out:

    Name:  DSC_4399.JPG
Views: 37
Size:  1.57 MBName:  DSC_4405.JPG
Views: 39
Size:  1.63 MBName:  DSC_4416.JPG
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Size:  1.67 MBName:  DSC_4422.JPG
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Size:  1.57 MB

    Decent calibre AS/ST 1083 Swiss manual movement too...
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    Re: Anyone heard of a Rone 'Motorist'

    You mean the Adolf Schild Cal. AS-ST 1803.....

    bidfun-db Archiv: Uhrwerke: AS 1803 (Standard 1803)

    Hartmut Richter
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