Arcticle: My First Cleaning Part 1: The Opening

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    Arcticle: My First Cleaning Part 1: The Opening

    Actors in this little play is:
    Jon Nailor as Clueless Newbie
    Columbia Coronado as Poor Hapless Victim.

    As I sit looking at my first cleaning I am wondering if I have bitten off more than I can chew. Well if it breaks it will be no great loss. What we have is a Columbia Coronado 0 jewel pocket watch sold from Gamble Stores back in the 50's. This one was made April 1957. First look tells me I am in for a ride. Missing minute hand and water stains on the face of the watch.

    1. Remove strap. Remove front and back of watch. This turns out to be easy. They are just simple snap on covers.

    2. Remove largest screw to access fob lever.

    3. Using small screwdriver, lift fob lever to release fob.

    4. Remove hands.

    5. Gently push from face side of watch to remove face and movement from case.

    6. Gently lift the 3 face retainer clips. Remember these are part of the face and can be broken easily.

    7. Lift off face. (Note: The next pictures are not for the faint of heart or stomache!)

    8. Very important.... Push down on lever lock behind the face to de-energize the watch. This may not be easy if there is heavy corrosion. (Like the one pictured, I thought I was going to need a blow torch to cut the lever loose!)

    End of Part 1
    Next Part 2: Break Down

    By Jon Nailor

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    Re: Arcticle: My First Cleaning Part 1: The Opening

    You're a braver man than I!

    That is the second filthiest watch movement that I have ever seen. On the up side, it looks a fairly simple design. I've never seen a non-pin-set single-position crown for both winding and setting.

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    Re: Arcticle: My First Cleaning Part 1: The Opening

    Not sure about braver, but foolhearted, or maybe crazy. I once heard there is only 2 people that open watches... A jeweler or a fool. I am not a jeweler. LOL

    But then I also wonder.... Don't you have to crack a couple cases to become a watchmaker or do you just wake up one morning knowing it all???

    Jon Nailor

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    Re: Arcticle: My First Cleaning Part 1: The Opening

    Thanks for the inspirational post. Soon I will be embarking on a similar project using and old Slava movement. Good luck to you and looking forward to seeing part two of your endeavor.
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