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    Art-deco Omega

    I'm thinkin about buying arm watch that is shown in the pictures below,but I would like to know what I'm going to buy.So I need Your help in finding answers to my questions and doubts as well.

    Seller is not an expert,for him it's just another antique,so he put the price something about 200 euros for this watch.

    I will be thankfull for every information that You can provide to me.
    Since the item is not yet in my posession,I can't provide better pictures.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Art-deco Omega

    Hi -

    First of all, the dial is not in the greatest condition: there appears to be, beyond the usual spotting (localized oxidation), also to be some humidity damages (top of the dial appears to be rusty at the edge), which raises questions about the shape of the movement itself.

    We don't do valuations here, so we can't say if the price is right: however, if you have no idea of when the watch was last worked on, you must hence add the cost of a full servicing and repair. If you do this with Biele (Omega itself) you can then add several hundred Euros to the price of the watch. At least.

    I'll give you my opinion here: I would not acquire a vintage watch that has cosmetic damages of this kind, unless you want to work on the watch yourself (I do this occasionally, but it's a huge amount of work...) and have no intention of selling it for a profit. If the watch is outstanding mechanically and you have an interest in such movements, well, that is another story entirely (I've bought watches just for the pleasure of the movements...).

    As to the provience of the watch, you may want to ask on the Omega forum, as they have more specific knowledge of such watches than we do...

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