I spent some time tonight making myself dizzy reading about Bunn Special variants. Apparently there are around 100 recognized variants
including 60 hour watches, type I, II, and III, as well as 161 and 163 variants, not to mention 21 and 23 jewel.

So my question is - what does this all mean to me? Actually what I want to know is this. Are these variants only of concern to the collector
who is seeking watches simply because he wants a watch of a rare type -- or are some variants better made with better features?
I know in the world of coins, a 1909 S VDB penny was the "holy grail" simply because of the rare markings. Otherwise it was still just
a penny, but to a collector it was something special. Is this also true in the world of watches?

At this point in my life, I would just like to own a few nice pocketwatches, so a 21 Jewel Bunn Special in nice condition seems like a fine
thing to have. Let me boil this down to a more specific question. A Bunn Special in the 163 variant commands a premium price.
Is it a better watch than an earlier Bunn Special without the markings?