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    Atlantic Railroad Majestic Pocket Watch

    Hi, inherited this watch off my grandfather, it is in good working order, but has a square of enamel missing between '10' and '11'. I have seen pictures of this watch with the exact square of enamel missing.
    Does anyone know if this watch is rare/valuable and why does there seem to be a common theme with the enamel?

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    Re: Atlantic Railroad Majestic Pocket Watch

    Moved to Vintage.
    We don't do valuations here, but without pictures, even ID is virtually impossible. Detailed photos of the dial case and hopefully movement are needed.

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    Re: Atlantic Railroad Majestic Pocket Watch

    The name doesn't ring a bell; could be a jobber watch (a watch made by one of the big companies, but printed with the name of a specific customer) or it could be a "swiss fake" (lower-grade swiss watches carefully designed and named to make people think they were high-grade American Railroad standard watches). The one I found doing a Google is probably in the latter category.

    As for the square of enamel missing, you'll notice that there's a small post under it; that's the dial foot (which sticks into the body of the watch, and is usually held firm by a screw of some sort). If the watch takes a jolt (or some brute tries to pry off the dial without loosening the screw), the dial tries to bend but the foot stays put. That causes the enamel to crack and ultimately flake off.
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