I thought to share some photos of a little known watch that I have recently acquired.
This Pronto watch was issued by the Australian State Rail Authority of New South Wales (SRA NSW) in the 80s. Two other very similar models were made by Taurus and Lauris in the 70s for the Public Transport Commission of NSW (PTC NSW). Depending on the date of issue, the Pronto may have printed either PTCNSW or SRANSW in red on the dial, while Taurus and Lauris were only marked PTCNSW.
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All these three watches were Swiss made, fitted with ETA 2750 movement, stainless steel case and military-style dial with red sweep hand. The Pronto watch had a case size of 34mm, while Taurus and Lauris had a case size of 33mm. A quartz version of the SRANSW Pronto also exists.

I believe that those who were given a watch were employed in positions that were fundamentally to do with timings of any type, meaning station masters, guards, signalmen & train drivers. Others included managers, & other supervisory positions, that had them outside of offices, such as depot chargemen, shunters & the like.

It was the responsibility for the holder to check the time daily, usually at the beginning at the day using the clock in a Signal Box or attended station and that clock was to be checked and adjusted when the 1pm Daily Time signal was received.