Authentic Baume et Mercier Chronograph????

Thread: Authentic Baume et Mercier Chronograph????

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    Authentic Baume et Mercier Chronograph????

    What say ye, (quasi-)experts?

    authentic? or not? how do you know?

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    Re: Authentic Baume et Mercier Chronograph????

    Hi dsantos1,

    authentic? Yes!
    Made by Baume & Mercier? No!

    All watch companies wanted to participate the huge market for cheap chronos after WWII.
    And almost all purchased them ready to sell with signatures on dial, movement and/or case
    from few anonymous volume manufacturers.

    In fact, items with a reputable brand are a little more expensive than no-name items. But
    the difference is moderate, and by no means justifies the application of signatures on case
    or movement. So watches only signed on the dial may be mariages/fakes, but any further
    signature in combination with a worn down case makes pretty sure that the watch is
    authentic - what ever that means.

    However, every wrist watch collection should contain a Landeron chrono, as important part
    of watch history. But don't pay extra bucks for a big brand - better take a "Chronographe
    Suisse" or similar pseudo brand in good shape for a moderate price.

    Regards, Roland Ranfft

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