Authentic vintage Girard Perregaux ?

Thread: Authentic vintage Girard Perregaux ?

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    Question Authentic vintage Girard Perregaux ?


    Can you tell me if this is an authentic Girard Perregaux vintage watch (see attached files) :

    mechanic Girard Perregaux 17 jewels, 32 mm with crown, number engraved is 091-642.
    It seems to be a vintage piece from 1970.


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    Re: Authentic vintage Girard Perregaux ?

    The caseback and thus the case are GP. I can not see the movement in sufficient clarity to examine any markings. It should be marked with a script font Girard Perregaux 17 jewels and probably unadjusted. You can check Dr. Ranfft's movement archive for a matching movement (google will direct you). Ranfft will also give you an idea on the dating.

    The dial is probably refinished given the interior case discolorization... the dial would have suffered something similar... and its fairly pristine appearance.

    If the movement is real, it is probably real with a caveat on who knows what the original dial looked like...
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    Re: Authentic vintage Girard Perregaux ?

    Hi there,

    the movement is a Peseux 7040:
    bidfun-db Archive: Watch Movements: Peseux 7040
    and 091 the GP calibre designation for this movement.

    Regards, Roland Ranfft

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    Re: Authentic vintage Girard Perregaux ?

    Here are some pics of the movement :

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