authentication Baume & Mercier chronograph
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Thread: authentication Baume & Mercier chronograph

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    authentication Baume & Mercier chronograph

    Found a Baume & Mercier vintage chronograph on a local auction site.
    My guess is this is a frankenwatch. What do you think?

    What I found
    1) The word "geneve" is missing under the name
    2) landeron 39 movement
    3) the print on the "mercier" part is not good look at the "c"

    I'm guessing this is a redail, the question is what is the original brand?

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    Re: authentication Baume & Mercier chronograph

    Not as much a franken (since a franken is a watch made from parts taken from a few different watches), as a complete and utter fake. Who the real maker of the watch was, we'll likely never know - as you can see, the chronograph bridge has been tampered with (polished down in order to remove the original markings and engrave the fake B&M ones).

    The dial is quite definitely repainted.

    The movement is a Landeron, but not a cal. 39- the cal. 39 was a column wheel chrono, and had a different balance cock. This one is a cal. 48 or one of its derivatives.

    Summa summarum​, run like hell from this one.
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    Re: authentication Baume & Mercier chronograph

    I agree 100% with mkws, a fake B&M doctor's chronograph. Most likely it was originally some sort of generic Chronographe Suisse or something like that and a crook thought he could sell it for more with a little creativity. It' an interesting choice though, because Baume & Mercier isn't exactly the type of brand that commands really high prices in the vintage market.
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    Re: authentication Baume & Mercier chronograph

    A quick search for a Baume & Mercier Landeron 48 shows a clearer photo of what the bridge should look like:
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    Re: authentication Baume & Mercier chronograph

    I actually really like the dial, would be interesting to find the original brand even if it is a generic Chronograph Suisse

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    Re: authentication Baume & Mercier chronograph

    Some are not concerned with the fact that it is a redial/ amalgamation of parts, as long as it looks nice and runs well.
    The biggest issue (setting aside that the seller is straight-out committing fraud and copyright infringement), is that these type of sellers usually only do what is necessary to get the hands to go around, not caring if it actually works as it should.

    That Landeron movement is a solid one, and when working properly, will last for many more years happily ticking along.
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