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Thread: Bad redial example - ebay

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    Bad redial example - ebay

    Recently got hooked on vintage watches, so I am eager to learn how to detect redials.

    This is an example from ebay of a bad dial restoration and in my opinion is a good learning material.

    Obviously the seller is honest and posted pictures of the dial before the restoration.

    Before redial (I am not 100% positive that this is untouched):

    Name:  dial-beforerestoration.jpg
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    Dial after restoration:

    Name:  dial-retouched.jpg
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    A number of problems are immediately visible:

    • TELEMETRE label misaligned
    • OMEGA name & logo look almost comical
    • 11 and 1 not on the same level
    • 15, 30 and 45 minute markers missing!!!

    Link to item:

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    Re: Bad redial example - ebay

    That is a shame. Completely destroyed any history and removes too much authenticity.

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    Re: Bad redial example - ebay


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    Re: Bad redial example - ebay

    The inner minutes track is a mess, and very inconsistent with the small and large tick marks as you move around the dial. There is even an extra minute tick mark between 55 and 60.

    To be honest, once I saw the logo, I would have immediately moved on.
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    Re: Bad redial example - ebay

    maybe we can say at least the printing is even, no light/ heavy areas. The tachy register is too low, and the tele register is too high.

    The worst part is that the original dial wasn't too bad. I'd have left it alone
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    Re: Bad redial example - ebay

    Quote Originally Posted by socie View Post
    . . . . This is an example from ebay of a bad dial restoration . . . . Dial after restoration: . . . .
    Restoration is a curious term to use in relationship to the process of dial reprinting as there is precious little restorative about it.

    Dial printers may not even utilize the original blank.

    With regard to cracked and blistered enamel dials the artisan might apply and smooth cold process material and then paint a portion of damaged or missing line and or lettering.

    And metal dials in relief can be rewashed with gold or silver and details filled with pigment.

    These and similar activities could rightly be called restoration.

    Stripping a blank to bare metal and obliterating virtually all traces of previous printing and then in essence designing and attempting to execute a facsimile of the original - whatever it may have been - is a different kettle of fish.

    Hence the term - redialing.
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    Re: Bad redial example - ebay

    Quite an honest thread on how these things are born:
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    Re: Bad redial example - ebay

    An interesting thread – sort of – and thanks, laikrodukas. But even though the Omega dial is not a good redial, it's at least an attempt by some hapless dial company to get it right, whereas the Spanish one is a blatant botch, by someone too cheap to make a new printing plate and do it right.

    The Omega dial could be done to a much higher standard – some would say a modern version of a factory original – but the cost of such a fine printing job would likely make the watch unprofitable to flip. And hence the cheap and nasty job; in that sense, it's directly equivalent to the Spanish travesty.

    Quote Originally Posted by laikrodukas View Post
    Quite an honest thread on how these things are born:
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    Re: Bad redial example - ebay

    The sad thing is that Spanish dude just made some fun weekend project on a 5 EUR watch
    while that one on ebay did the same on "a bit" more expensive and important piece...
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    Re: Bad redial example - ebay

    Is the dial before restoration even original? The subdials look sloppy.

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