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    Benjamin the Builder...

    Long ago, accidentally on a Polish listing, I got myself a book issued in the 1920s by Elgin National Watch Company, by the title of 'Romance and History of Time'.
    It is a book that - in a nutshell - describes the history of watchmaking, starting from an imaginary cavemen's 'clock' to the imaginary timepieces of the future, covering most of the milestones in global horology. It's not meant ot be too exact or precise, it's in a form of a story.
    Of course, since it's an Elgin book, there is a chapter about Benjamin Raymond, who was among the founding fathers of National Watch Co.
    Here goes:

    Name:  DSC09454.JPG
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    Name:  DSC09455.JPG
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    Name:  DSC09457.JPG
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    The chapter is illustrated with a picture of B.W.Raymond, which I enriched with Elgin's early B.W.Raymond timepiece...

    Name:  DSC09480.JPG
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    It's an early (S/N<20000) Elgin watch, but recently I've got an even better one...

    Name:  DSC09914.JPG
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    I'm not sure if I posted this one here on no - this is a VERY early B.W.Raymond grade movement - No 558.
    The very first run of Raymonds can be told by the shape of balance wheel's arms - I fail to find proper words in English to describe it, but if you look at the place the arm meets the rim, it's differently shaped than in a usual Elgin early compensation balance.

    On 'admission', the watch had some damage, including the dial that had fallen apart, the bent pallet fork and missing regulator pin...

    Name:  DSC09917.JPG
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    Also, the barrel would not transmit power to the train, but that was just a jammed safety pinion ring, that would not hold the center pinion correctly...

    Name:  DSC09920.JPG
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    In Elgin's patented safety pinion, the center pinion is totally loose on the arbor, and has a screw-on friction ring, that will hold the pinion tight if the barrel works in the correct direction, and unscrew when the mainspring breaks or is suddenly released.
    I've corrected most of the damage best I could...

    Name:  DSC09925.JPG
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    ...and went on to assembling.

    Name:  DSC09934.JPG
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    Notice the balance cock has a sunken screw - it's also distinctive for the first run BWR.

    Name:  DSC09939.JPG
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    The regulator pin is a tad short but good enough, it turned out.

    Name:  DSC09947.JPG
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    The movement ready for casing.

    Now - it still has a serious issue, namely - too much pallet arbor endshake. I don't know it the pallet or the arbor is replaced or original, but it runs quite well or very badly depending on position, and it seems that there is a problem with pallet-roller table interaction depending on if the watch is facing dial up or down.
    I decided to leave it the way it is. It would need parts' replacement to fix and - just in case the pallet fork is the original one - I wish to keep as many parts as I can.

    Now - the case...
    It was a 'movement only' listing, so I had to case it. At first I cased it in a pat. 1885 case that's remarkably nice, but does not match the desired style at all, so for now (maybe forever) I dug out a fake case I once bought, that's fake, but looks as it should for an early KW American watch...

    Name:  DSC00080.JPG
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    It's a funny thing - the maker stamped this on the caseback...

    Name:  DSC00081.JPG
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    ...too fool the 19th Century buyers and I got fooled over 100 years later!!!
    To make it even funnier, the seller himself thought it's tarnished silver.
    Obviously, as a reputable seller, he'd certainly accept a return, but I thought it's too much effort to send it back, so it stayed...

    Name:  DSC00079.JPG
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    It actually is quite nice...

    Name:  DSC00084.JPG
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    ...and houses the movement nicely.
    In fact - the details are crude and looking closely you'll see it's a fake (even if it were not brassed all over), but it has a very decent overall 'feel' somehow...

    Name:  DSC00082.JPG
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    Maybe because it's an old, antique case, that's it.
    For now - I think it can stay cased like this, if I happen to find a loose 1860s silver case I'll consider recasing it.
    As an Elgin lover - I desperately needed a first run piece in my collection and finally I got one. Not the top notch piece, but a first run all original movement it what counts here. Another valuable trophy to add :)
    Have a great day!!!

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    Re: Benjamin the Builder...

    Great job!!!

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    Re: Benjamin the Builder...

    I would say: "pmwas the builder". Congradulation to the result. In comparison to the work you've done silver plating is definetly easy. I guess its probably the easierst, cheapest and most orginal way to restore the watch. If the first cleaning and polish is well nothing could get worse. It's no sorcery. Just try it.

    Just the way I would go for
    regards Silke
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    That's what I think about today:

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