Benrus Dial O Rama jump hour sticking...what should I do?

Thread: Benrus Dial O Rama jump hour sticking...what should I do?

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    Benrus Dial O Rama jump hour sticking...what should I do?

    I recently purchased a Benrus Dial O Rama. It keeps good time, but when switching from hour to hour, it sometimes sticks a little bit for about five minutes. Other times it switches with no problem. I'm wondering if I should get it serviced or is there something I can do? I'm not extremely knowledgeable about watch movements, but am a pretty quick learner. I would prefer to try something by myself first, so any help would be appreciated. Or if someone knows a good jeweler that services old watches and is affordable, let me know. Thanks,


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    Re: Benrus Dial O Rama jump hour sticking...what should I do?

    You can see mine here, there are some photos of the mechanism.

    I think 5mins is within the jump mechanism tolerance. It is not really adjustable, and is not lubricated (the copper cam) so apart from cleaning, dusting and checking the alignment of disks, there is not much that can be done to the jump mechanism. Both of the ones I have (the finished one and the donor) suffer from a small amount of variation depending on the hour. As the cam wears I would expect some variation to creep in anyway - certainly the donor I have with a noticeably worn cam is much more variable than the one I fixed which has a cam with no discernible wear.

    Being a 'complicated' watch - it will cost more to get serviced. I think if the watch has been serviced within the last 5 years I would leave it alone.

    I would not recommend a beginner touch these watches, likewise, even opening the waterproof case is a mission without the right tools. I am all for people learning watchmaking, as I am doing, but this is NOT a watch on which to start. Especially as they are expensive, parts are hard to get, and the seconds pinion is often broken and special to these jump hours.

    BTW, post some photos please - we like photos
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    Re: Benrus Dial O Rama jump hour sticking...what should I do?


    If you're interested in learning how to service watches, start with a simple 12s or larger pocket watch (movements can be had off of the 'Bay for under $10), and work your way up (or down, if you'd rather) to wristwatch movements.

    The biggest problem with working on wristwatches is the manipulation of super tiny screws and springs. This is something you can only learn through practice, and you'll lose a lot of parts into the void along the way.
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