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    Benrus Pocket watch

    I am a newbie to the site. I was looking at some pocket watches on the bay and I found a Benrus pocketwatch. I couldn't find a whole lot on them. I was trying to gauge the worth of one before I bid on it. This is the link: U S NAVY - SEABEES - BENRUS POCKET WATCH WITH CAL - eBay (item 110489990982 end time Jan-29-11 17:26:20 PST)

    I was curious as to the age of the piece, and what it is worth before I bid on it. Thanks for any help in advance.


    P.S. I did send a question to the seller about the age. Just waiting for a response

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    Re: Benrus Pocket watch

    That was never an military issue watch, wouldn't surprise me if it has quartz movement.

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    Re: Benrus Pocket watch

    This is a modern, 'theme' or 'character' quartz watch as is described in auction...

    I've no idea of the value of such an item but wouldn't be surprised if they were a free gift
    in packets of breakfast cereal.

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