Best place to learn about vintage watches?

Thread: Best place to learn about vintage watches?

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    Best place to learn about vintage watches?

    I've never considered vintage before but spoke to a vintage collector on the phone yesterday. I became interested in doing more research... is there any sites I can get started on?

    I've been collecting modern Omega watches for a while now...

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    Re: Best place to learn about vintage watches?

    Start with reading the stickies plus links and articles here on Vintages. Then you may decide what kind of vintage watch you want to focus on. There are many resources around but they tend to specialize in certain fields of vintage watch collecting.
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    Re: Best place to learn about vintage watches?

    Go to the forum of whatever brand you're interested in and type 'vintage' in the search box. It's certainly a start. You could also hang here for a while. The best thing to do is to go to eBay and click the "1940 - 1969" or sometimes the "1970 - 1999" option and cruise around to see what brands, styles, or even era you wish to collect. If you develop a taste for a particular brand, you can usually find one or two members here that know it well and are willing to help. We tend to gravitate towards certain repeating themes. If you're considering vintage Omega you already have several good connections - everyone in that forum knows you and would almost certainly give you some tips on particular watches you see.

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    Re: Best place to learn about vintage watches?

    Quote Originally Posted by ulackfocus View Post
    The best thing to do is to go to eBay and click the "1940 - 1969" or sometimes the "1970 - 1999" option ...
    No can do on ebay UK or Australia. In the UK the age brackets were removed years ago - I think because so many people had no idea how old their watches were.

    But I agree with ulackfocus that ebay is a good place to see what's on offer and what prices are actually achieved in the market.

    Its easy to make mistakes in the vintage world - we all have done. I would advise that, unless you have a lot of spare cash, you consider buying only cheap watches at first until you have developed a feel for the hobby. Buying a dud $10 watch hurts a lot less than buying a dud $500 watch. And you can play with them without that fear of doing costly damage! I don't know what brands are 'good value' in Australia, but in the UK there are loads of Rotary watches that sell cheaply as it was a massive brand here but not well known anywhere else. Same for Sekonda.

    In addition to all the excellent advice already given, I found this site very useful when I started:

    And to reiterate, if you read every post in here you will learn a lot very quickly.
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    Re: Best place to learn about vintage watches?

    There's a website called "" I believe, which has some excellent histories on the major watch-manufacturers such as Elgin, Patek-Philippe, Hamilton, Waltham and other major American watchmakers (Yes I know PP isn't one, but it's listed in there as well, anyway).
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