A big American watch for an 1894 lady

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    A big American watch for an 1894 lady

    An unusual special order from a Columbus watch dealer Yeoman, known to have sold a few with the name on dial and movement, by or for a lady perhaps with vision problems. I have seen many 18s cases in 40 years, but never a gold fill multicolor with obvious lady 1890 deco. The case is 25 yr. Keystone but has a solid? 14k gold internal ring around movement marked JAS. BOSS 14K with big letters. It was used , showing light wear, hinge looseness and Michigan humidity caused movement parts rust. Not abused. Easy winding, starting, running. A probably unique original. Unsure about solid gold (dust ring?). J.Boss was case and parts maker, but became a g.f. quality mark. 12/12 Edit: Have learned anything J. Boss marked along with Keystone is never solid gold. Seems a little dishonest for the individual watch owner or inheritor who would not know that.
    Later Keystone case markings clearly indicated g.f. like this 1910 rr case.
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    Re: A big American watch for an 1894 lady

    Great bird closeup

    Somewhere there must be a good resource on case labeling. (One of the things I realized early on was "GUARANTEED" meant a form of gold filled but not solid gold.) The AWCC site had an interesting audio on Wadsworth casing... the speaker had been to a reunion picnic and got to interview all the geezers who knew all the parts of the business.
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