Bought a vintage Longines with racing history
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Thread: Bought a vintage Longines with racing history

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    Bought a vintage Longines with racing history

    I recently came across a nice Longines and really liked the look of it.

    Made a few pictures of it when I received it and contacted a few fellow watch enthusiast. One of the other watch enthusiasts decided to dive deeper into the engravings on the back and found out that this watch really has an interesting story to it.

    As can be seen in the pictures the watch engravings tell that the watch was given to a certain W.V. Arnold by A.W. Fox probably in 1953. According to the internet the movement serial number also dates the watch to 1953.

    At first we were thinking this was kind of a friendship watch given to W.V. Arnold to celebrate their friendship. When diving deeper into both names we found out that the giver is the once famous racing driver Arthur Wingrave Fox more commonly known as Arthur Fox. (Source: motorsport magazine archive)

    Arthur Fox is mainly known as being owner of the Fox and Nicholl racing team racing mainly Talbots and Lagonda’s pre war. The team entered the 24 hours of Le Mans from 1929 until 1937. They even won Le Mans in 1935 with a Lagonda which can be seen in the Louwman Museum in The Hague (the Netherlands)

    The folllowing picture shows Arthur Fox his international traveling pass which was probably used for the 1929 24 hours of Le Mans. (source: Aston Service Dorset).

    An other picture of Arthur Fox I found trough ebay which looks more like a cartoon/caricature:

    Now you guys are probably dying to find out who the receiver was. It turned out that W.V. Arnold worked for Arthur Fox from 1911 till 1955 according to an article I found in the archive of the motorsport magazine.

    Now the engraving talks about 1911-1953 so there are two options. One being that the source is wrong considering the working years and the other is that after his official retirement he still worked two years for mister Fox. One thing is sure and that is that mister Arnold worked on the Le Mans winning Lagonda in 1935!

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    Re: Bought a vintage Longines with racing history

    That is downright amazing. Adds even more richness to the watch on top of that gorgeous patina. Wear it in good health!

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    Re: Bought a vintage Longines with racing history

    So awesome! Great job

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    Re: Bought a vintage Longines with racing history

    :ROLEX OMEGA LONGiNES ♦ SEIKO Aquadive ♦ ELGIN ♦ hamilton O&W imexZodiac......

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    Re: Bought a vintage Longines with racing history

    Nice watch and fascinating research findings.

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    Re: Bought a vintage Longines with racing history

    Great story,that's a keeper.
    Enjoy it.

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