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    Bovet Fleurier

    This belongs to a friend, and as it is well outside my area of knowledge I am helping to post it here so that hopefully some questions can be answered by someone who knows Bovet and chinese market watches:

    1. During what timeframe was this movement produced?
    2. Does the dial look original?

    The watch is key wind/key set. The case is silver but without any hallmarks known to me.

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    Re: Bovet Fleurier

    I know very little about such watches, but IMO, the movement has all the distinctive characteristics of the real thing, and the case looks right. The dial looks a bit cruder than I would expect of Bovet, but surely it is possibly that the watch may have had a custom dial fitted in China and I've no idea what the quality was like back then.

    The only on-line resource that I know of is: The Chinese Market Watch

    Watches: their history, decoration and mechanism by GH Baillie, 1929, has some brief but insightful remarks about Chinese market watches. Look for it in your local library.
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    Re: Bovet Fleurier

    No knowledge, but that's really nice.

    My Bovet says hi.
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