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    Breitling Premier "797" Question


    I just came across this here locally for sale. Can anyone tell me if it appears all legitimate. The hands are throwing me off a little bit. As well as the dial numbers seem a little inaccurate.

    Sorry these are the only pics I was offered, requested better pics of the dial and of the movement but not currently available at this time as he is out of town visiting family. Please any information you have is greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Breitling Premier "797" Question

    You've done the right thing requesting better pictures- these are hardly of any use in any identification and determining whether it's the real deal, a redial, a franken, or a complete fake.

    Once you get better pictures- should the seller provide them- I believe that you will get all the info in this forum.

    Since Breitling is one of the most often faked brands, both in terms of their vintage and contemporary watches, I highly recommend to wait for the pics.

    If the seller says something like "I cannot open the watch"- whatever; cannot, doesn't know how to, or his dog has eaten his camera- walk away.
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