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    Brera Vintage Automatic

    Ok, it is rare that I search the internet, with its archives of patents and trademarks, its auctions of all things horological, and the fabulous specialty groups and forums with the most knowledgeable members on the planet, and find absolutely nothing.
    I'm going through my 'to do' list for watch services, and I find one I got some years back, and apart from record of the CTR I did on it while still in watchmaking school, I have no info on the brand.
    It's a Brera, and all I get when I search is the modern Italian brand Brera Orologi. I can't even tell if this is a rejuvenated brand.
    I don't have a pic of the watch, but will try and post one at some point to aid in the ID. It is a Gold Filled case with stainless back, and a bezel that might be solid gold. The bezel looks very much like the 50's Rolex Precision model. Movt is a Felsa 4002 with a curious mirror finish. I try many variations of the search and Nada. Bupkis. Sweet Tweet.
    Any bells ringing?
    Thanks for any input.


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    Re: Brera Vintage Automatic

    I've seen a similar thread on the Dutch watch forum and I looked it up again. Some of "our" finest researchers gave it a good try but all they were able to come with is this. The brand was born in or around Milan, Italy. Nowadays the headquarters are in Miami Beach, Florida. Sorry I couldn't be of more help. Maybe you could send them an email?

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    Re: Brera Vintage Automatic

    There seems to be a watch brand or brand name Brera which has nothing to do with todays Brera (they speak of 30 years experience). I know that their automatic watches from the 1950ies have a Felsa movement cal. 760.

    Here is an interesting thread for you where a vintage automatic Brera watch with a Felsa movement 760 is taken apart. It is in German, but the pictures speak for themselves.

    Revision Felsa 760 - Vintage mit Gangreserveanzeige - UhrForum

    Here is the Felsa cal. 760 'Permutator' (whatever this is) in the Ranfft database
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