My 1965 Accutron Spaceview has had some issues lately. It stopped for a while. I took it in for a battery at the local yokel jewelry store and they told me it wouldn't restart. They sent it to their watch repair fellow who couldn't do anything to restart it. I had it completely overhauled about 15 years ago. It has run +7 every day since then.

So, I went to pick it up and it was running! It's run all day and is back to its +7 accuracy again -- which makes me a little suspicious of course.

Here's the thing: I'm pretty sure it sounds different, as in the hum sort of "cycles" now. I wonder if I'm about to lose a coil. Any suggestions of what could be up?

I've found a couple of accutron places (one of them in the same state I'm in) and I'm thinking of sending it for an overhaul. I also may have them install original hands and a crystal while I'm at it. Any suggestions on places to send it?