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    Bulova wristwatch: U.s. Zone

    ........I have been reading lots of the posts on vintage watches and have already learned quite a lot, so thank you .....

    .....But what brings me to actually posting ....is a question.....I just got a Bulova, and when you take the back off, there is the notation......U.S. Zone inside the back.....

    ....It is has black dial with applied silver colored stylized numbers at the 12,3,6 and 9 with asyemtrical diamond shaped ticks at the other hour places , 17 jewel, stainless steel case......it says Bulova under the 12, and waterproof above the 6......the hands are wide at the center, and taper straight down to a point...... the center second hand is narrow and straight, with a arrow-like shape on the short side.......the second hand is one of the shortest I have ever seen, a tiny fraction of an inch longer than the minute hand......

    .....the back screws on in a most unusual way ( to me, at least) ....it has very small grooves and when I unscrewed it, imagine my surpise when a thin circle of metal came off, and then the rest of the back is seperate........

    .......The watch case is in poor condition as far as the stainless steel is coming off in large chunks ....but there are no dents or dings in the case...the dial is a small waffle and in ok condition, the numbers et all are tarnished looking but complete, and the hands have some finish coming off.....oh and it is round .....

    ........I know in the general world of antiques, that "Occupied Japan" pieces are vastly more prevelent than the U.S. Zone pieces.......I have never seen a OJ watch, however, and this is the first I have heard of a Zone watch ......

    .......are these rare watches ????? and last but not least, it winds, sets and runs, and seems to keep decent time .......perhaps a trifle slow .....

    ......has any one else seen such a thing ???

    ( I would post photos, but I haven't figured out how to do so ....)

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    Re: Bulova wristwatch: U.s. Zone

    oops I meant the second hand is a tiny bit longer than the hour hand, not the minute hand ......sorry !

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    Re: Bulova wristwatch: U.s. Zone

    The easiest way to post pictures is - from the start new thread or post reply buttons - to click on 'Go advanced'.

    Then scroll down to 'manage attachments' and click.

    Select 'Browse'.

    Choose a picture off your computer. Click 'Open'. Repeat for more pics.

    Click Upload once finished.

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    Re: Bulova wristwatch: U.s. Zone

    I think that US Zone would refer to occupied Germany because the four Allied Powers each had a zone of occupation and the four zones were refered to by the name of the occupying power. I believe that the goverment that would become West Germany was formed in 1949 so that would of been the end of US Zone markings.

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    Re: Bulova wristwatch: U.s. Zone

    Hi salleh,

    besides running own factories, Bulova bought cases and movements from
    manufacturers all over the world - so why not in the German US zone
    (South-West Germany). Well known among collectors is the alarm calibre
    12B, which was made by Junghans.

    But more likely the signature refers to the case manufacturer. In and round
    Pforzheim (also US zone) were and still are many case manufacturers.

    The special back, mounted with a ring nut, ist not that strange, at least
    not for Bulova. They used it for many cases, especially for the 214
    Accutrons, where a normal screw back is impossible due to the fixed
    positions of battery cap and setting button.

    Regards, Roland Ranfft

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