Burlington wristwatch?
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Thread: Burlington wristwatch?

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    Burlington wristwatch?

    I got this watch on ebay bidding. I dont even know why I bid on it because the crystal was so bad I could not really tell how the dial looked, also there was no movement pictures. I got the watch yesterday and I was amazed to the extreme when I had a look inside! This watch has got to be the highest quality wristwatch movement ive ever seen. It seems like this brand was not popular or made mainly pocketwatches. Anyone have any Burlington wristwaches? I would love to see more. The quality is just grand on this thing. (The top right hand lug was worn very very thin at the pin hole so I put some very strong epoxy to reinforce it. I will probably buy some gold paint to cover the epoxy. I dont mind it at all and im sure I will never find a replacement case)

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    Re: Burlington wristwatch?

    Nicely decorated, and with a fine-adjustment device. See the following thread for more info:

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    Re: Burlington wristwatch?

    Had I not been on vacation when this watch was on the swamp, I'd have fought you for it.


    two suggestions, if I may....

    1 - ditch the metal expansion bracelet and get a more period appropriate leather strap. Metal wears on metal.
    2 - I've seen these sell for a lot more. It would be worth it to track down a jeweler that can do case repair. There are a several out there. This case is pretty nice, despite the lug damage. Not sure of your skills, (I do both my own case repair as well as movement servicing) but I'd fork out the money to get this one restored correctly lacking those skills.

    I've a loose but complete Burlington 3/0s wristwatch movement that I am holding on to for the appropriate case.
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    Re: Burlington wristwatch?

    Burlington Watch was a product of the Illinois Watch Co if you haven't picked up on that . One of the finest watch manufacturers in the United States.
    You did very well.

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