Calling all experts need help with Elgin
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Thread: Calling all experts need help with Elgin

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    Calling all experts need help with Elgin

    Here is what i have went to a few different sites but can not find much info. Is this a valuable piece by valuable i mean vintage rare type watch. Thanks for Any help much Appreciated. I am mostly A Casio wrist watch guy and no nothing about pocket watches. Thanks again

    Name:  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1433717716.084382.jpg
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    Posted by the serious Casio collector.
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    Re: Calling all experts need help with Elgin

    Grade: 60

    Movement Serial Number:534483
    Model: 1
    Class: 5
    Estimated Production Year: 1878
    Run Quantity: 1,000
    Total Production:21,500
    Movement Configuration:Either
    Movement Finish:Gilt
    Movement Setting: Key
    Plate: Full Plate
    Barrel: Going
    Train: Slow
    Adjusted: No
    Railroad Grade: No

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    Re: Calling all experts need help with Elgin

    It's not rare. There are generally a couple dozen keywound 18s Elgins on Ebay at any given time. The 7j one like yours are the most common. And it's been recased in an inappropriate case - no need for a crown in a keywound watch. The ones below 500,000 are generally more prized, and the lower the serial number, the better.

    Still, it's within the first million watches produced by the largest producer of jewelled watches in America, Elgin, and it seems like the movement itself is intact - one sees a lot of these missing screws, or missing the key guard. To me, the sold balance is kinda cool. Yes, it was only on the lowest grade models, but it is a link to the past, when solid balances were all that there were.

    We think of this as 'low grade', but to put that in perspective, it was still a major purchase for any working person of the time. Your average unskilled laborer couldn't afford one, for example. It might have been a week's wages for the average worker at that time, possibly more. And remember that it is within the first 3 decades of the Ameerican watch industry, which at one time was so dominant that the Swiss sent people to learn how we did it.

    Then they did it better, damn them!
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    Re: Calling all experts need help with Elgin

    Gene thank you for all your information appreciate all of your help and the time you put into helping me. Thanks again and cheers.

    Posted by the serious Casio collector.

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