Camy 21 jewels sinusflex watch

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    Camy 21 jewels sinusflex watch

    OK...i have this old camy 21 jewels sinusflex watch that use to be my grandfathers...i dont know much about the watch...i do know the watchs knob needs to be turned a certain way to start working.....i searched for a few hours on google but nothing comes up....does anyone have information about this watch???.....and the company??? thanks

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    Re: Camy 21 jewels sinusflex watch

    Welcome to WUS. Moved your question to the right forum

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    Re: Camy 21 jewels sinusflex watch

    Please read our sticky notes about Watch Identification. We need pictures of case dial and preferably movement to help identify any watch.
    You can search for Camy in this forum and you may find some information to help you.

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