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    Re: Camy 77 jewel

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnF View Post
    19 jewels adds to the 17:

    2 lever capstones

    21 jewels adds to the 19:

    2 escape wheel capstones

    23 adds to the 21:

    2 mainspring barrel bearings
    That would be the Swiss approach, however in Russia the escape-wheel gets the cap-jewels more often than the lever, and in China the 19 jewel watches have jewelled mainspring but no extra cap jewels.

    I've asked a couple of watchmakers their opinion of this and their response was that this was a better use of jewels than adding more cap-jewels (which they regarded as primarily trimmings to pad the jewel count). Interestingly, one of these guys regularly upgrades old Seiko movements by jewelling the barrel bearings to overcome the Seiko's tendency to chew out the bearings relatively quickly.

    BTW, can you tell me where they've installed the 32nd jewel in the new Vostoks?

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    Re: Camy 77 jewel

    Hi -

    Ah, the flame wars we could generate out of this...but let's not and pretend we did.

    No idea on the Vostoks, to be honest: while I have an N1, I'm not going to take it apart to find out...

    Classic Seiko movements like the 7S26 could be more improved by increasing the swung mass to improve winding efficiency and beefing up the mainspring: part of the reason that the movements show only moderate accuracy is the lack of a very strong sweet spot in the power curve. But that would entail beefinf up the rest of the autowind, especially the "magic fingers", and you'd end up with a movement that costs twice as much.

    Just my 2 cents, of course: the 7S26 in all its incarnations does one heck of a job for what it does, but just a tad more mainspring would do wonders...

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