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    Camy NOS

    Well it may be a diver because it's waterproof, it may be vintage because its old, I was looking for the "Retro" thread but did not see one

    Something new. A waterproof Camy automatic. Complete with all links in the signed Camy bracelet. There is not a mark on this except for a few storage scuffs on the back, bracelet and clasp have zero marks! Kind of a neat piece it is, excuse the lint

    A good example of a Camy

    The simply pleasure of holding life’s vintage treasures is truly a joy. Some stay, some go to make room for others, you play with them for a while then look for a new toy, it is an addiction at least, a fascination of what is no more at best!



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    Re: Camy NOS

    Congrats, Jim!
    No clue how to catagorize it, but for sure it cannot be a diver nor a dress watch. However it's really lovely and I would call it a sports watch!
    So much different to my Camy, that I would call a "cocktail watch":

    However, you don't wanna swap, want you!



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