Can anybody identify this Gigandet?

Thread: Can anybody identify this Gigandet?

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    Can anybody identify this Gigandet?

    I recently inherited this Gigandet watch which I believe was originally purchased in the early 1960s. However, I am not a watch aficionado and I am having trouble identifying it’s particular make/year. The information on it is rather scarce. The face only says “Gigandet 25 Rubis Automatic Incabloc Swiss Made”. The backside only has a stamp saying it’s 18k.

    I have tried a lot of googling, but unfortunately I’ve had no results. I have found many very similar watches but none that looks just like it. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    A follow-up question would be what you reckon it would be worth today. It has to my knowledge never been serviced for over 50 years yet still works like a charm. I’ve never known it to slow down noticeably upon wearing it several days and weeks in a row, yet I rarely wear it so when I do I invariably have to set the time right again because by that time it’s stopped.

    My inkling (from looking at similar Gigandet watches) is that it would fetch somewhere around the $600-750 range. Would that be in the ballpark?

    Looking forward to any elucidation. This is an heirloom and I would very much like to know more about it.
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    Re: Can anybody identify this Gigandet?


    For more info we need movement photo :)
    Please service it if you wear it because it will break one day
    For prices you already did the research, not much to add if similar items sell(actually sell, not just listed somewhere as wanted price) for that
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    Re: Can anybody identify this Gigandet?

    Shooting from the hip, I'd say it's legit, and it looks to be in very nice condition. If the case is solid 18K gold, it's definitely a keeper in my opinion. The actual value is mainly in the gold, but that's often the case with watches like this that weren't made by a high-end brand.

    If you provide photos of the inside, we can probably give you more information about the movement. The maker is obviously Gigandet, and there is plenty of information on the internet about that. There is probably not any particular model name, and early 1960s seems like a reasonable guess for the era. I doubt you will be able to track down a particular year. Definitely get it serviced but don't allow anyone to polish the watch. It's pretty rare for a gold case to retain the sharp edges and chamfers on the lugs, and this is part of what makes the condition of your watch so good. If someone polishes the case to remove scratches, they will inevitably round the edges, greatly diminishing the value and desirability of the watch. Just live with the minor scratches.
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    Re: Can anybody identify this Gigandet?

    Thank you both for your replies. Yes it is indeed solid 18k and it has practically never been used or worn since the 1960s, which explains why it’s such good physical condition. There’s only a couple of scratches on the glass. I too would be interested in seeing the movement inside it, but being a complete watch-illiterate I am not going to attempt to open it myself. When I have it serviced I’ll ask them to take a couple of photos and I shall make sure that no one tries to polish anything (!).
    Again, thank you for you swift answers.

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