Can Anyone Help Me Identify This Movement?

Thread: Can Anyone Help Me Identify This Movement?

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    Can Anyone Help Me Identify This Movement?

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm in the process of servicing this for a relative and have noticed that the escape wheel lower pivot is broken - I suspect that this is why it hasn't been running for about 50 years. So, ideally I need to source a replacement - the problem I have is that the movement has no obvious manufacturer or Caliber marks - other than those that I've mentioned below.

    The movement itself is stamped with the word DÉPOSÉ and the numbers 6 and 9 together. There is also a number on the movement and, interestingly, the case - it is 55709.

    The ratchet wheel and the crown wheel are, unusually - well, in my relatively limited experience, both secured through the arbour by a sliver of what looks like brass, rather than a screw.

    Any guidance would be hugely appreciated.

    Best Regards,

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    Re: Can Anyone Help Me Identify This Movement?

    With "S/F" on the balance cock and the general movement style, it looks a little like an English or American movement. I think that even if you get a match, finding a replacement part will be near impossible (other than by finding a donor movement). Maybe, it would be quicker to have the part made up by a professional. Good luck.

    Hartmut Richter

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    Re: Can Anyone Help Me Identify This Movement?

    I think it is a swiss movement in english style and an quite early crown winder for the rich britain market those times. Beside the escapement the capstone holder is screwed from below in a typical swiss way. Unfortunately this doesn't help a lot to identify a possible donator. But I think even if you'll find a maker Hartmut is right. Forget about interchangeability of parts by these old watches build in smal series. Usually you find the end numbers of the movementnumber under the cock that they don't get mixed by (smal) serial production because of the individual variations.

    Regards Silke
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    Re: Can Anyone Help Me Identify This Movement?

    This watch was likely made long before the practice of "interchangeable parts" really took hold in Switzerland. So even if you had another movement that looked exactly the same, you wouldn't necessarily be able to swap the parts back and forth due to minor variations in things like the length of the pivots.

    On a watch like this, a lot of restorers will simply re-pivot the wheel. Of course "simply" assumes that you have the tools and skill required. These days, people with that combination routinely charge $100+ per hour for their time.
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