Can someone help me identifying this pocket watch?
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Thread: Can someone help me identifying this pocket watch?

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    Can someone help me identifying this pocket watch?


    I have recently inherit from my grandfather the 18k gold wacth shown in the pictures attached. He probably bought it at the beggining of last century and now he has given it to me so I can take care of it and pass it to generations to come.

    I would like to know a bit more about it. I have tried to search on the internet but without being an expert I have not found any information at all.

    There is an iscription with the serial number located inside the watch mechanism back cover. The number is 1747.

    The watch is not working so I would also like to know if there is anyone out here that knows where I could take it to repair it.

    Thank you very much for your help in advance!!!

    Best Regards,

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    Re: Can someone help me identifying this pocket watch?

    A nice watch you've got... Judging by the looks of it, I would say it's from the late 1920s or the 1930s (that's because a painted metal dial instead of an enamel one would be something quite usual in that particular period). I guess it's one of these watches made by local jewelry and watches retailers in various countries- in this case, Cuba. Same thing as with Cuervo y Sobrinos chronographs- Swiss movements were imported to Cuba, where they were placed in locally produced cases and equipped with the retailer's dials. The movement here is a nicely finished generic calibre, probably made by FHF (though that layout of bridges was used by other movement manufacturers as well). The strange thing is how close the seconds subdial is to the centre- I would say that this movement was probably intended for a ladies' pendant watch originally- though if these found their way into wristwatches, one in a man's pocket watch is no surprise.
    The serial number is a dead end- for private label brands, records are just not available anywhere. Either they weren't properly kept, they were lost, destroyed, or something like that. Such things happened to archives of well-known brands like Doxa or Cyma, and in case of a PLB it's rather obvious.

    Where can you have it repaired? At a watchmaker's, of course. That it doesn't work doesn't say much- there can be something wrong with the balance, the pinions, or most likely it's just stuck due to old grease- which is all that remains of the lubricating oils. Hope it's the oils only, because sourcing parts might be difficult- even as difficult as finding and buying a donor movement...

    Anyway, a lovely watch- good luck with having it repaired. A heirloom watch, regardless of whether it's gold, steel ,or brass, no matter what brand or how old it is, is always something to keep and enjoy.
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    Re: Can someone help me identifying this pocket watch?

    Dating is difficult without being familiar with the market into which the watch is being sold. I'd suggest no later than the Twenties given the style of movement but agree that the dial is unlikely to be earlier than mid 1910's.

    Known as opera watches as the small movement allowed a slim case yet still in a mans size so it could be worn with tighter fitting evening dress.

    A very nice watch.

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    Re: Can someone help me identifying this pocket watch?

    Don Francisco Borbolla Garcia was a Spanish merchant moved to Havana. in 1895 he opened a jewelry store called "el cofre de oro"
    regards enrico
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