Can someone indentify this 2 certina watches
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Thread: Can someone indentify this 2 certina watches

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    Can someone indentify this 2 certina watches

    Hello everyone, this is my first post.

    I have this 2 certina watches, one is a bigger (male size) and the other is smaller.

    Bigger one:

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    It has this engravings on the back :

    IRB 1970

    7006 197

    And the smaller one:

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    Za 10g. Rada (custom engravings)

    2006 089

    I would also know how to open these watches, do I need to spin the back or only open with the opener tool ?

    Thanks :=)
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    Re: Can someone indentify this 2 certina watches

    A dull knife should be able to pry off the back. They are just pressure fit. The movement inside has the most useful information.

    The style indicates 50's watches. Sizes (diameter without the crown) would be useful. It looks like the second one is a ladies model.

    The inscriptions mean nothing to me.

    Certina made a lot of its own movements over the years. They are good quality and are grossly underappreciated in my opinion. I know this will irritate some but I consider many of their vintage to be the equal of Omega.
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    Re: Can someone indentify this 2 certina watches

    Thank you very much for the answer Eeeb,

    I managed to open the mens (first one), but the small ladies one is a hard one. I didnt make it, and was afraid to scratch the watch.

    Anyway, the big one is 34mm in diameter and has 28-10 mechanism - 17 jewels

    bidfun-db Archive: Watch Movements: Certina 28-10

    As I see, they were made from 1955 and after.

    The ladies one is 21mm in diameter.

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    Re: Can someone indentify this 2 certina watches

    Well done. They are terrific watches - much underrated as Eeeb says.
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