Can someone provide some information about some of these pocket watches and wristwatches?

Thread: Can someone provide some information about some of these pocket watches and wristwatches?

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    Can someone provide some information about some of these pocket watches and wristwatches?

    Hey guys,
    I have a few watches and pocket watches that i would like to have some information about. I have looked around online and i cant seen to find too much information about them. I'm looking to really know how old they are, any info about them and their value. Thanks in advance!

    First one up is a Waltham gold wristwatch
    It has the words Speidal on the inside of the band on every link. On the inside it says 17 jewels, swiss. It has no serial number inside. I have not seen any other square Walthams like this..

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The next one is a Jules Jiirgensen.
    It says est 1740 and 17 jewels on the face. Again no serial number on the inside.

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    This one is a Waltham. it also says shock resistant on the face. It looks to have a second hand just above the 6 o clock mark and shows the date on the face. Inside it says France Unadjusted and 7SEVEN jewels.

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    The last wristwatch is a Mentor. On the face it says 15 jewels waterproof, antimagnetic. Inside it has 15 jewels, unadjusted, swiss made.

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    This pocket watch is an Elgin. On the face it has the second counter and inside it has the serial number 17717581.

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    This pocket watch is an American Waltham Watch co. It has the second hand on the face and has the serial number 6311511 inside.

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    The last pocket watch says Chronometer makers to the admiralty John Forest London. It has the second counter on the face and has no serial information on the inside.

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    Any information that anyone has of these watches would be greatly appreciated. I recently found these in some boxes that were in my late grandfathers home. Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Can someone provide some information about some of these pocket watches and wristwatches?

    According to this site. That Elgin was made in 1913. And according to this site, that Waltham pocket watch was made in 1893.
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