Can you help me with these two? (Omega and Rotary)

Thread: Can you help me with these two? (Omega and Rotary)

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    Can you help me with these two? (Omega and Rotary)


    My Dad has two watches that we're not really sure about! I have read the sticky and I don't really feel comfortable getting them apart so I appreciate that it might be an uncertain result. Anyway...

    The first is this Omega:

    This was bought new some time in the late 70s or early 80s I believe, other than that we know nothing about it other than what is on the face and the little booklet with it that says Cal. 1365 on it. Just after any information that would be interesting on this.

    Secondly, and this is the one I really care about, this Rotary:

    This belonged to my late Grandfather and was passed down to my Dad. There is nothing at all on the caseback as far as I can see, only designation is the Rotary logo, 17 Jewels and Incabloc on the face.

    I'm sorry that this is so thin but any information would be appreciated :)


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    Re: Can you help me with these two? (Omega and Rotary)

    Hi there

    Two nice watches there.

    The Omega is a De Ville model from what I can make out, and the cal 1365 refers to the quartz movement it uses. Looks to be in excellent condition!!

    The Rotary looks like it dates from the 60's, and is probably 9k gold plated and a mechanical movement.....I'm guessing it's houndwound?? The Incabloc on the dial refers to the watch having shock protection.

    Can you get a close up/macro photo of the Rotary, inc the back??

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