Can you identify this Eufa watch?

Thread: Can you identify this Eufa watch?

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    Can you identify this Eufa watch?

    I would love to finding out more about this Eufa watch whose pictures I have posted below.
    It's working perfectly.
    Thanks in advance!Name:  1.jpg
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    Re: Can you identify this Eufa watch?

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    Re: Can you identify this Eufa watch?

    It's a woman's pendant watch. According to, 'Eufa' was a trademark of 'Willy Schack/Enzberger Uhrenfabrik (Eufa)', of Enzberg, Germany. The movement looks like a Durowe 69 derivative, but there are more knowledgeable people here, who can help you with the movement.

    I don't recognize any hallmarks so I take it the case is gilt. This kind of watches was popular with women in the 1960s.

    Where have you got it from?

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    Re: Can you identify this Eufa watch?

    Hi there,

    the movement is the last generation of the Lorsa 8 line, definitely not made before 1975:
    bidfun-db Archive: Watch Movements: Lorsa 8FA

    Watches like this are childs of the quartz boom. In the 80s, when factories plugged cheap LCD quartz modules into almost every open hole, some wanted to return to the "good ol times", mechanically though, and old-fashioned looking. The results were the likely uglyest watches ever made, but I believe, they were the ignition for the revival of mechanical watches.

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    Re: Can you identify this Eufa watch?

    Thank you all!!

    Tomcat, I have purchased this watch in a flea market few days ago.

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