Can you tell me............

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    Can you tell me............

    I've been looking the years of production of this watch, it sais 100 fathoms, I think it was to "compite" with the Blancpain 50 fathoms. Name:  DSC00016.jpg
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    and more, in the back has 100/81 10aSN what those numbers an letters mean?
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    The watch its beautyful, I relumed hands and indicators but did not touch the dial, and had to chanche the crown that was a bronze decolorated one not personalized to a new Enicar crown (push-pull, as the original).
    Added new gasquets on,
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    so I can shawer with it.
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    I apreciatte your answers and comments.
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    Re: Can you tell me............

    Interesting watch .
    As you mention, seems to be Enicar version of the Blancpain , with a"touch" of a Super Kontiki .


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    Re: Can you tell me............

    Hy Kingmatic, when are you coming to México?, you can teach much about watches, and I can show you a few of my collection. Must of all, where in México?

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