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    Re: car-boot nirvana

    Quote Originally Posted by howards4th View Post
    Looking at the pictures Marrick sent, looks to me what we would call a "Swap-meet"
    Very Cool! Thanks Marrick for the pics!
    Well, you learn something new every day

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    Re: car-boot nirvana

    Quote Originally Posted by bobbee View Post
    I have for several years now used 1200-1500 grit wet&dry paper and Brasso. By removing the crystal and using a little water, I can remove even quite deep scratches in plastic and hesalite crystals. Brasso then clears the foggy crystal, leaving it looking like new, for half the price of polywatch. And it lasts many times longer.
    Thanks for all the interestingstuffguys, and I'm now off to another boot fair!
    Confirming the above (although I never tried on my visors) I had to make replacement crystal for my cheapie 'Flieg-a-like' from a sheet of 5mm acrylic...

    ...and I used pretty much the same technique to come up with this...

    Name:  nice final photo.JPG
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    Weapons of choice were a Dremel and the biker's favourite toothpaste, Solvol Autosol...

    Name:  2nd wet polish.JPG
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    ...used at first with white spirit as a "coolant" and then finally flooded with water to create a very fine slurry of cutting paste. But even with the Dremel on the slowest speed a split second's inattention caused this as it momentarily dried out and the soft polishing mop instantly bit into the acrylic leaving it scrapped...

    Name:  A moments inattention.JPG
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    Flame polishing is the way to go I think using a micro-jet jeweller's propane torch.
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    Re: car-boot nirvana

    Nice one Guv, I did a similar thing to a crystal using a Dremmel, so only hand polish now. It is time-consuming and makes my fingers ache, but it makes for a better finish imo.
    Here is yesterday's find, nothing much but it interests me. No name, with an AS movement, non-worker but for 25 pence who cares?

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    Re: car-boot nirvana

    Quote Originally Posted by Shum View Post
    Now that I have thought about it now remember how Polywatch really hurts earlier types of plastic used in watch crystal and makes them gray and sticky so I think it could be a chemical solvent of some kind used.
    I agree. It is more than just an abrasive. I always notice that my crystals feel soft and almost tacky after using it. Almost like the surface has been melted. It is without doubt some sort of solvent with added abrasives.
    For bad scratches I used fine sandpaper and then polywatch/displex.

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