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    CERNA Chronometre

    Can someone give me info about this pocketwatch, even if only to tell me what country it might originate from.

    Details are:
    Has been in family several generations, thought to be of c. 1900 vintage but not certain.
    NO inscriptions whatever on inside workings to identify maker, location, etc.
    Case indicates 18K, with butterfly, womans head and possibly hatchet (hand axe) stamps.
    Numbers 12 and 2050 also stamped on case.
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    Re: CERNA Chronometre

    Moved to the right forum. Hope you´ll get the information you want.

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    Re: CERNA Chronometre

    We are going to need pictures of the dial, movement and any marks stamped on the inside of the case to help you further.

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