certina marcasite watch - 1961
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Thread: certina marcasite watch - 1961

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    certina marcasite watch - 1961


    I got given this watch from my grandmother a few years ago now,
    I have been trying to find out some information on it as I am looking to get it fully restored this year.
    Would anyone have any information about it, or let me know where I could look?
    Apologies if the photos arent too good, did the best I could with my phone camera.

    Thankyou all in advance Name:  IMG_20171212_213217.jpg
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    Re: certina marcasite watch - 1961

    Certina is a well-known Swiss manufacturer that made watches of good quality. Obviously the watch and the matching bracelet are highly decorative, in what appears to be an Art Deco style, so it could be from the 1940s or so. If you posted photos of the movement and the inside of the case, we could tell you a bit more, but honestly there is not too much more for you to learn. Watches like this didn't have model names.

    The condition looks good to me, and I don't think it needs any actual restoration. If you give the crown a few winds, hopefully it will start ticking. If so, you should take it to a competent local independent watchmaker for a clean/oil/adjust (COA) service. If it doesn't run, it may need a more significant repair, including replacement parts.
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    Re: certina marcasite watch - 1961

    Welcome to the forum!

    There's a search engine for local watchmakers here:

    If you don't find anything you like in there, we'll be happy to direct you towards our trusted watchmakers that we mail watches off to.

    I agree with badbackdan that it looks great as-is and wouldn't need anything past a normal service provided the movement hasn't rusted. Ballpark cost is $100 to $150 depending on where you live and the watchmaker. You can ask for the case to be ultrasonically cleaned when the movement is removed, and that will get off any existing grime.

    It looks like the safety chain that goes between the two bracelet ends is gone, though. It's not necessary for function, but is another level of security to keep the watch from falling if the clasp is popped open. Example at the link below:

    Hope this helps you get an heirloom back to working order!

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