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    Cheesy but fun

    I just got my Nelson Digital jump-hour back fro mthe watchmaker. It's a pizza-watch; big and cheesy

    Here it is with my Ruhla Digi73

    Not to everybody's taste, but I like it. The watchmaker was happy to service it as he has a sentimental attachment to the BFG 866; he once was contracted to service several hundred of them back in the 1970s, and it paid for a new car!

    For the technically minded, this watch features a 17 jewel variant of the trusty Baumgartner BFG866, with jump-hour module. In spite of all the functional jewels, it retains the pin-lever escapement. The movement was finished and cased up by a firm called Riga in Israel. The case was supplied by Marcel SA, Switzerland. Most other Nelsons that I've seen on the bay have been entirely Swiss made.

    Does anybody else have any vintage jump-hours to show? Or other Israeli watches perhaps?

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    Re: Cheesy but fun

    The Nelson is a guaranteed conversation starter!

    My entire jump hour collection is:

    Buler Super-Nova. It has a 1 jewel movement, and a funky second 'hand'. It works well and looks good, despite the plating wear. Movement is a pin lever Baumgartner 582 of about 1970. Back is snap-on made to look like a screw-on.

    Thermidor. 17 jewels with date. Also works well. it might look better when I get round to buying a new strap for it. The movement is marked Z1754 & 4-70.
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