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    Chronographe Suisse DATZWARD 18k

    Hello everyone,

    My dad recently bought this watch, but i'm not sure what is the real value of this one and if it's actually legit. He paid $650 for it.

    Does the price correspond? And is it somehow rare, or it's not a problem to find a similar watch? Is it possible to find out the year?

    Thank you!
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    Re: Chronographe Suisse DATZWARD 18k

    There are two Datzward trademarks registered in Mikrolisk- one to Aero Watch Neuchatel, the other to Aetos Watch SA of Geneve. Chronographe Suisse was, shall we say, a brand which aimed at producing affordable solid gold chronographs. It was the result of cooperation between a few different companies, so I've heard- which ones, I know not. These watches were equipped with Landeron movements (48 and its versions/successors). The "solid gold" case was of pretty bad quality though. Hollow lugs, the main bloc was held by a thick metal ring around the movement to keep the wafer-thin case together. Casebacks were often outfitted with a steel or gold "inlay" disc, so that they would not deform... Anyway, Chronographe Suisse are pretty common. I don't know why the Datzward name is on the dial, but I suspect that at some point they might have retailed CS watches? Really, no idea.
    One more thing- it is quite impossible to find out the year of manufacture for a Chronographe Suisse without a personalized engraving with date. Or, if you're buying from the first owner of the watch, then you can know when was it bought. Award watches and gift watches of course have a date on them (often, but pretty far from always), but if you're thinking of using the serial number, I am afraid that I have bad news- serial numbers can only date a watch when tables with ranges of numbers corresponding to years of manufacture are available, and that is the case with recognizable brands, although only a handful of them... Smaller manufacturers and private label brands? Sorry, any resources on these are either hard to find or not there at all. This has much to do with the fact that many brands lost their records in accidents like fires(Cyma) and floods(Doxa), or the archives were lost when a company went bankrupt.
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    Re: Chronographe Suisse DATZWARD 18k

    mkws, thank you very much for your reply.

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