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    Citizen Automatic 21 Jewels Watch

    I recently received this watch and I have no idea about what it is, or what its value might be. Any information would help. the back of the watch has 4-036069 SMK 9087090 74-7734 Made in Japan.Name:  IMAG0382.jpg
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    Re: Citizen Automatic 21 Jewels Watch

    If I recall correctly, the Citizen Eagle 7 is comparable to the Seiko 5 automatic.
    Not their high end lines, but a solid mid to entry level. So I would be surprised if those gems are real or of any worth.
    Just from the looks, I would guess somewhere along the lines of the 70's.

    We don't offer valuations and here are the reasons why -
    I've got more Converse sneakers than watches, but it is a close race.

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