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    Coin watch

    Today's fun project was a watch I found in a pile of junk I picked up at a yard sale. This is a watch made from a Kennedy half dollar piece. I found the bezel (which has the dial attached along with the hands that were stuck under the crystal) and luckily found the back which still had the movement. The movement had a broken balance staff. Believe it or not, when I looked into my shoe box of over 300 ladies cocktail watches, the first watch I opened had the same movement!! After cleaning the movement, replacing the crystal, and cleaning the case parts, I have a really nice watch that I know I will enjoy wearing...

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    I can barely make out parts of the date on the back, but I can see "19_9". It can only be 1969 or 1989. I am guessing 1969. Any other thoughts are welcome.

    It's also interesting that the coin edge of watch is not the edge of the coin. The coin was soldered into a bezel with a coin edge.

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    Re: Coin watch

    This is the first time that I have seen a watch that uses a coin as a structural element. Very cool!
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    Re: Coin watch

    Quote Originally Posted by RonD. View Post

    It's also interesting that the coin edge of watch is not the edge of the coin. The coin was soldered into a bezel with a coin edge.

    That's the only way to do it, if your want to stay within a reasonable price (especially when using a real coin). On the image, I cannot see if that is a real half dollar or not. Some of the contours do not seem right. I have dozens of these half dollars lying around, with Kennedy 1964 on the face side. It would be interesting to see the movement and how that is fitted into the case. Can you supply a picture of that?

    I have some 'coin watches' myself, but none of them with a real coin.
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    Re: Coin watch

    The main problem with these types of watches, is that the dial usually part of the bezel, and if you pull the back off, the movement comes with it... which is why I found the bezel with the crystal and hands. I should have taken a pic of the how the movement was in the back of the watch. I won't try to remove it now because it will all come apart.. and I needed my crystal/case press to put it together. :)

    I have a couple other watches that were made from coins... here is another one.

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